BELLE. F. Brunette. Uninteresting height. Conflict of character, imagine Mary Poppins meets Wednesday Addams. Really, really really likes theatre. Unhealthy love of Disney. Loves a good brunch or dinner party. Favourite place is sitting cross legged on the kitchen worktop talking at mum. 

Superficial, if not vain, right? Goodness knows who thought a lonely hearts column was a good idea.
"Let's begin a relationship based on the superficial."
"Champion, sounds like a great idea."
Pimping myself out actually feels a little dirty. I couldn't help but resort to metaphors and stuff which attempts to sound deep. However, ultimately, this all is a bit superficial. On the internet, you can't get much beyond the surface. I can only offer some pictures and some words, and that's alright actually. On the internet, everyone asks everyone to begin a sort of relationship based on the superficial, but that's not all bad.

'Girl seeking happiness' is my attempt at a lonely hearts column, except it's certainly not about romance or anything like that. In an attempt to sound semi-meaningful, it's about plain old contentment and happiness, but 'girl seeking contentment' doesn't have quite the same ring. So it's practically a lonely hearts column, just with dresses and shoes and things, because I can't help but be superficial and continue a love affair with my wardrobe. When I'm feeling brave I might even venture beyond that and write a thing or two, about things that aren't just clothes. That could actually be quite fun. I'm looking forward to days of courage or misguidance. 

You are all most welcome here.

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