Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spotlight: Keep It Bright

I am so unbelievably happy I found 'Keep It Bright'. They have the kind of positive mentality I just adore. It's not pink, glittery and cliche, but paper and string and authentic, if you get what I mean. They seem to really care. The business cards they sent in the parcel really do wonders for their brand identity. The 'today, make sure you' card has made it's way into my wallet, and even warmed the cockles of my mother's heart. I got the above as a present for a friend recently, and they went down a treat.

Printed onto a really sturdy card, the print is also particularly gorgeous. Too frequently there are websites with realms of positive quotes to tickle your fancy, but they all just seem drastically unauthentic. This print seems realistically drawn by hand, as opposed to something which looks like a stock image used on many different posters. It's something I also adore about the brand- it's just personable.

I loved this bracelet, because it's so simple and not outrageously priced. It's just a pendant of sorts and a piece of string, and the brand doesn't pretend it's anything more. Nor does the bracelet. 

Now the English student in me comes out. I just thought this pencil was literal magic. I loved the idea that something so simple is held in such high esteem, and as it should be. Wonders can be written and drawn with a pencil, and it's important to have a reminder of that. Especially in a day an age where self expression is equally encouraged and made an embarrassment of, I think this 'create magic' message is absolute perfection.


  1. Beautiful post

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  3. Really enjoyed this post and the photography complimented the post so well.

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