Tuesday, 20 January 2015

I'll get you, my pretty


I really like costume jewellery, probably because I like make believe and I certainly can't afford the real mccoy. There was something particularly mystical about this beauty in particularly, something bewitching about its emerald green tone. I later discovered its uncanny resemblance to the pendant Elpheba wears on Once Upon a Time. I also think it's frame is just absolutely charming. There's a real sturdiness to this necklace, which really differs to many high street alternatives which I'd probably not have nabbed for the happy price of a tenner.

I picked it up at a Britain does Vintage fair, which I just wanted to selflessly promote. I've attended a fair few fairs in my time, but this one really does it for me. Admittedly some of the stalls are well out of my price range, but I've also picked up a mini skirt for a £10 and a full skirt for £20, which are again competitive prices for high street alternatives. They seem to particularly do them in uni towns. I'm lucky in that in my town everyone seems to have the initials JW carved into their chest, so I don't have to fight people off of a rail for a 1950s full skirt, I can't say the same about elsewhere.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Call it anything but versatile


When my friends and I went on holiday, a couple of them ventured out to go diving. Diving isn't quite my thing, so I was super imaginative and ventured out to the local arcade and went shopping instead. I'm sorry I'm so predictable. I inevitably found an array of shops I could also find at home, but I'm not going to complain, I got this New Look pretty on sale. Their most similar skirt version on their site is the Green Check Tube Skirt but I'll be cheeky and tell you a similar Black Check Tube Skirt is currently on sale. Ever since buying it I've found similar top and dress versions too, my favourite being their Green Check Pinafore Dress. This skirt has been the definition of a word I hate to use: versatile. On a cold winter's day I throw a jumper over it, and in the evening I wear it with a long-sleeved black top. Brownie points for New Look.

However, I still had a much larger interest in the shops I didn't recognise, and one which holds a special place in my heart is Stradivarius. It's best described as a mix between Zara and H&M- I promise that's a compliment. This mini double bag is currently on sale in black, dusty rose and pale camel. I really love their aesthetic, and I assure you that as much as I love this bag, it isn't a fair testament of the brand. That's not an insult to the bag though, it's been an utter saving grace on nights out. Being previously a bit of a grandma (still am one to be honest) I didn't realise how helpful a little bag with a strap could be.