Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Spotlight: TK Maxx Christmas goodies

TK Maxx is my haven. There is no shop I adore more than TK Maxx. It's not because of their USP really, the whole big brands, small prices thing (though, that is quite nice too). No, it's because of the sheer breadth of selection the shop offers. A fan of charity shops, TK Maxx offers the same kind of deal. What's there is there, and when it's gone, it's really gone. A lot of people hate that concept, but it personally works for me. There's no time for indecisiveness, instead I treat every product I fall in love with like it's destiny- price permitting. My branch recently extended and now has a homeware department, and oh my, it's Christmas goodies galore! I've had to warn friends off shopping there, for fear they might buy something they're already getting for Christmas. I really did buy that much. TK Maxx really needs a loyalty card... just for me.

Despite having a 'brand image' with a font I despise (yes, I really am that pedantic) Caroline Gardner has some pretty cool products. There are a range of 2015 calendars available still on her specific website which have really charm and character. However, I love this one in particular because of the cheeky format of each page featuring a short letter, usually to and from an inanimate object. They're witty and sharp, without being cliche. I managed to find this specific calendar still available on ebay.

I usually nick Christmas cards from my mother's cupboard, but I just couldn't resist these. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous? Again, Caroline Gardner does charming well. The bizarre thing is I found nothing like these ones on her website. They're lovely, don't get me wrong, but they're just not as, well, charming, as these ones. For starters, the font on this Christmas card is absolutely beautiful; it's absolutely nothing like her standard fonts! It's good to see some deviation.

I really love Betsey Johnson's prints. They're a sort of punk princess. I'm all for pretty lace princess dresses, but I also love brand which redefine what's feminine. The vivid pink on the print of this rose design against the crossed background is an utter delight. Made out of flannel these PJ pants from her intimates range are also particularly warm, and they're available in a variety of other patterns. I personally love the satin detail on these PJ pants, they make them just that tiny bit more luxurious.

These mock book boxes are everywhere nowadays. I first found them clever, but have recently found them increasingly unimaginative if not extremely unconvincing. I fell in love with this one because of it's gorgeous Art Nouveau print. It's also a convincing size. Too frequently these mock book boxes are extraordinarily large. Unless it's some weirdly fat atlas, I don't know what it's pretending to be. Or maybe I just don't have these snazzily large books other people must own. I feel at loss.

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