Saturday, 1 November 2014

An obsession for the western


My guilty pleasure is all things southern. I'm clearly a child of Gone with the Wind and westerns, because the south make me very happy. I regularly declare, 'I'm from South Carolina, baby'- I'm definitely not. I had to restrain myself from persuading my friend to buy me a stetson when she went to the states. I just want to be a cowgirl, ok. By default, I'm all about this farm girl-esque look. My denim pinafore is an absolute go to in my wardrobe, because you can layer shirts and jumpers underneath. So, fortunately or unfortunately (depending on your perspective), you don't just have to pretend to be in the wild west if a denim pinafore floats your boat.

This shirt was recently 'gifted' to me by a friend. By gifted, I mean she doesn't fit in it anymore and I insisted that I was just as much a charitable cause as any Oxfam shop. In the spirit of this western vibe, and my terrible eyesight, I always think that the print has horses on it. In reality, it's a far more interesting print. My friend described it to me as it being like a genie bowing down to a woman. You can't really see it in the photos above, but the collar on the shirt is an ode to the era it comes from. It's 70s cut makes it a particular winner, and the cuffs turn up all so pretty as well. Whilst we're on the track of discussing the items of my outfit, I have to mention the shoes. I'm still breaking them in, but I have to say they were an absolute bargain. At £15, they are much cheaper than competitor's products. TK Maxx appears to have a whole collection of these 'geek-styled' shoes in stock right now, and I couldn't be happier.