Saturday, 11 October 2014

All draped in chiffon


When the weather started perking up this September, I knew it was time to take advantage of the good weather before I was swamped in knits to combat the upcoming winter cold. It's been a blessing to have this weather after that dreadful August, so when my friend organised drinks before she left for university, I warned her that I was undoubtedly going to be a walking vision of chiffon. She didn't even blink; she is well used to my over dressing by now. We had a wonderful evening at a bar from the Be at One chain, whose happy hour we well exploited, and who I just had to mention because of their extensive cocktail list and for being a generally fabulous place.

The top is both glorious and a hassle, because it requires a strapless bra. I'm a lover of all things mesh right now, especially sheer panels on the neck and shoulders of tops, but they come with their own grievances. TK Maxx usually sources similar products to their large array of stores, so I'm going to make the assumption that they must have this top in places stretching beyond my local store because my store had so many different version of this top. They had it in white, black and mint. They're definitely still in stock where I am, so I'd have a gander in yours, if this top is lucky enough to make it onto your lust list. I bought the skirt in the sample sale Dahlia had about a month back. The store was flooded with people looking for a bargain, and having bought this skirt for a mere £15 (in comparison to their usual retail prices) I totally understood why. I have to say, it felt like passive aggressive warfare in their though. Dahlia is a small shop by anyone's standards, and having redirected a family shopping day out, I lost my dad and found him in the nearby Jack Wills, much to my own embarrassment, who then told me I had actually spent an hour browsing, trying, rebrowsing and again trying things on in the shop. Sorry dad.


  1. Lovely outfit and photos! It's always nice when the weather takes a turn for the better in autumn, and we can then have a last hurrah with summery clothes. Nice post! :)