Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Goodness, that dress


'You look like you're straight out of Mad Men,' my friend says, 'goodness, that dress'. My cheeks blush and I assure her that she is absolutely my favourite person right now, but secretly I feel so happy that the dress made the impression I wanted it to make. I feel like Christina Hendricks in Mad Men or J-Law in American Hustle, and boy is that feeling good. This was exactly what I envisioned as soon as I saw the dress on the hanger- not that clothes are a little bit about dress up for me or anything (I'm a child of the theatre, so just you shh).

To me, this dress is all about its killer silhouette, which is ironic because the picture of the model on the site doesn't give this dress the silhouette it deserves at all. When I forwarded the link to a couple of my friends they questioned my purchase instantly, and I don't blame them. It looks baggy with absolutely no fit whatsoever, and personally that Zara-esque styling doesn't work on this occasion. For once it seems to pay to not have a 'barely there' catwalk model figure, even if Zara might secretly (actually, quite openly) disagree with me. The square neckline also makes me super happy- it's extremely flattering and works perfectly with the striped print.

What you can't see is the slit on the back of the skirt, which my mother is keen to tell me I should keep very wary of, because she's certain I'm a couple of steps away from splitting it. I sincerely hope she's wrong.