Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow


Who wouldn't want to dress up and pretend to be Dorothy? Prior to writing this post I actually ended up venturing around the internet browsing The Wizard of Oz quotes, and they caused such childish joy within me. Honestly, I actually found myself getting frustrated at my childhood self for not finding the script terribly witty. All that script dedicated to playing around with the idea of the use of a 'brain' and there was I just terrifically besotted, mouth wide open, with Glinda because she had a big, sparkly, pink dress. I remember curling up every Boxing Day on my family friend's sofa whilst the adults talked about grown up things elsewhere. I distinctly remember the VHS tape, with its pretty sticker of the famous still from the movie. I also distinctly remember how terrifying I found the wicked witch, and how terrified I still am of her, because apparently I don't fancy being mature and growing out of that any time soon. The very sight of her face still sends shivers of memory down my spine. I was not a fan of that cackle.

I do love this dress for reasons besides Dorothy. I picked it up in the concessions part of TOPSHOP during sales for a mere £15. It's from Jones and Jones, a brand I fell in love with two years ago when I bought their Audrey Red Dress. Their staple style is fit and flare cocktail dresses with tulle- what's not to love? The tulle detail definitely brings the childish side out of me and my fellow friends who own Jones and Jones dresses. Yes, we've reached the brink of adulthood and we would still rather play dressup and pretend to be princesses. However, prior warning: their dresses tend to be rather short. I love both of mine to bits, but on heels they're definitely not shy of showing off a bit of leg. 


  1. Lovely!!
    Such a wonderful dress!
    Keep on smiling :)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment in my blog, it was really nice of you. I'm following your blog now =D
    Kisses from Portugal*

  3. such a cute look! you are so pretty, love your photos!


  4. What a gorgeous dress! There is nothing we love more than lace and denim, so combining the both together is genius in our eyes! It is very Dorothy-esque, and orangey lipstick also adds to this.

  5. Somewhere over the rainbow... LOVE THIS SONG