Monday, 30 June 2014

Pathways made of lavender


I recently took my friend on a walk through London, desperately trying to refresh sites she had seen when she was younger. What we found, however, actually was new to me. Walking through St James's Park, which I find terribly underrated amongst my fellow London colleagues, we stumbled across what was signposted as 'Duck Island Cottage'. Where the ducks were seemed a mystery, but this charming little cottage was surrounded by an absolute plethora of flowers. It was a delight.

Excuse the hair. I'd quite like to owe it to liking the natural look, but in reality it's because taking a comb to my hair can prove too tiresome for me in the morning. Despite this, it does work, sort of. As much as I love to be a 1920s siren, teeming with makeup and regretting nothing, I'll say if anything can work the au naturelle look best it's pastels. That being said, I don't do them often, mainly because my skin colour isn't naturally too fond of them.

I've been having a little love affair with TK Maxx recently, having declared it my favourite shop. It's just an ocean when it comes to selection, and my recent store has had some real beauties recently. I found this skirt a couple of months ago and instantly fell in love. I didn't even try it on. I wasn't prepared to fall out of love with this beauty. It's from a charming brand called Miss Patina. The label on the skirt was kind enough to inform me that it was formed by graduates of the London College of Fashion. The brand appeals to the idea of vintage-inspired goods. As much as the word 'vintage' has come to frustrate - it meaning practically anything these days - their items have a clear kickback to decades gone by. This particular skirt you can currently still find in their sale section, under the name Borderline Skirt (Lily), although I have to say I think I may have managed to nab it for even cheaper. I don't quite know how that happened.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Well, hello

This has been a long time coming, and it would be charming to say that that's because of something profound or deep or really meaningful, but in reality it's because coming up with a blog name you're prepared to stick with is hard work. It proved hard to be inventive or clever, without making people just like me roll their eyes. So I settled. You could easily call the name a touch dreamy or even plain frustrating. I'd call also call it selfish. Born in the city, and living the city stereotype. Give me it all. It's half greed, half ambition. It sends my inner cynic and dreamer into disarray- they find it difficult to co-exist. Oh, perfect world of contradiction.

I go by Belle, which is clearly just because I'm the Belle of ball, as opposed to it coming quicker off the tongue than the full monty. If there was ever a girl who wished incessantly about being a lady who could lunch without breaking the bank, look no further. For now, I'm a broke girl with an unhealthy love of high-heeled shoes and posh boys whose jaw lines don't move. Especially the latter, especially when they're actors. Beware though, that interest does extend past the pretty faces frequented by my tumblr dashboard. I also have a habit of talking too fondly about the theatre and other forms of 'art' considered lesser by self-proclaimed thespians.

Equal to my love of an articulate young gentleman is my love for my wardrobe. In fact, true to the implications of the name, I've got an inkling this could be just like a lonely hearts column, just with dresses and shoes and things.

Enjoy, I insist.